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The Automotive industry is witnessing a remarkable transformation. Changing customer preferences & needs, economic fluctuations in a fiercely competitive market is leading the Automotive OEMs to constantly look at reinventing their business models and deliver value to their customers.
Formonic combined with deep domain knowledge & technology expertise, partner with the automotive leaders and their extended enterprise in delivering intelligent solutions that help bringing in efficiencies & drive measurable business value across the digital product realization life cycle.

Segments we cover
    Body Engineering (BIW)
    Interiors & Trims
    Seating Systems
    Power train & Chassis

Body Engineering

Engineering Product Design Analysis & Optimization BIW/CIW Assembly Systems Tools, Closures- Doors, Hoods, Tailgates, Convertible, Bumper Systems

Vehicle Interior and Exterior system

Engineering Product Design Analysis & Optimization Interior Systems: Instrument Panel, Steering columns, console, Cargo System Pillar trims  Exterior Systems: Bumper, Grill, Head/Tail lamps, Wheels

Seating System

Engineering Product Design Analysis & Optimization Structure, Trims, headrest, Plastics, Armrest, Mechanism

Chassis & Suspension System

Engineering Product Design Analysis & Optimization Frame, Cradle, Control Arms, Knuckle, Brakes, Axles, Suspension


Engineering Product Design Analysis & Optimization Engine Head and Block, Transmissions, Exhaust System.
Automotive CAD Capabilities
    Industrial Design and styling
    Design of Interior and Exterior parts
    Full Vehicle Integration and design of under-body parts
    Adaptation of existing design to new vehicle variants
    Plastic Mould, Stamping die, Pressure Die Casting Die, Jigs & Fixture design
    Scanning and Reverse engineering
    Parametric Part modelling and CAD customization
    Legacy data conversion, 2d to 3d conversion services
    2D detailing/Drafting & Assembly.

        Unigraphics NX
        Slid Works
Automotive CAE Capabilities
    Finite Element Modelling – Shell Modelling, Solid Modelling (Hex & Penta , Tetra), Hybrid Modelling.
    Static, Dynamic, Non-Linear and Non-linear Dynamic, Buckling, Modal, Transient simulations
    Occupant safety, Crash, Impact as per standards like FMVSS
    Product optimization and weight reduction
    Product validation using alternate materials
    External vehicle aerodynamics and HVAC using CFD
    Thermal, Modal, Vibration analysis on components like headlamps, tail lamps, radiators, mounting brackets etc.
    Durability, Vehicle stability, NVH, Rollover simulation

        Hyper Mesh
        LS Dyna
      Post Processors