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Structural Steel Engineering Services

Formonic works close with Steel Fabricators and Contractors to provide steel detailing services viz. for structures like residential, commercial, industrial and others. Our structural steel services include Design, 3D Modeling, Fabrication drawings, Bill of Materials and CNC files as a package.
Our Offerings

Structural Analysis

    3D-Space frame analysis for building structures
    Design of structures based on ERFO or ASO methods
    Gravity load analysis for Dead load, Live Load, Imposed load & Snow load combinations
    Lateral load analysis for Dead load, Wind load, Seismic load combinations

Erection Framing Plan

    Different sizes of members
    Piece / shop marks / erection notes
    Loads on framing plan
    Connection details
    All dimensions (member spacing, elevation etc.)
    Different plate details
    Design calculation for connections
    Structural standard notes

Shop Drawings

    Individual member details
    BOM (sizes, cut length, connected accessories, bolt sizes, quantities, weights)

Detailed Anchor Bolt Plan

    Details of base plate of column and embed plates

Detailing of Miscellaneous members viz. Staircases, Handrails, Trusses, etc.

    Framing plan
    Location of member
    Cross section elevation
    Member properties
    Piece marks
    Standard notes
    Connection details


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