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Industrial & Heavy Engineering

The Heavy Engineering industry has its own set of challenges due to the size of products involved and scale of operations. Our Customers expect the highest level of accuracy and reliability because of the enormous cost involved. The biggest challenge faced by the Heavy Engineering industry is reducing the product development cycle. This demands continuous development and up gradations of products to distinguish it from the competition and gain the first mover advantage in the competitive market.

Heavy Machinery Equipment

Boom Lift, Concrete mixer, Backhoe Loader, Dump truck, Tower Crane, Mining Shovels, Earth Movers, Excavators, Dozers, Pipe layers, Truck Loaders.
Heavy Engineering CAD Capabilities
    Design of large structures as per standards and codes like ASME
    Detailed development of structural design from concepts
    Design of joints/fabrication process and manufacturing engineering support
    Preparation of intermediate BOM for procurement
    Generation of General Arrangement (GA), fabrication, manufacturing drawings and BOM
    Scanning and reverse engineering
    Parametric Part modelling and CAD cistomization.
    Jigs & Fixture design.
    Legacy data convertion, 2d to 3d convertion services.
    2D detailing/Drafting & Assembly.
        Unigraphics NX
        Slid Works
Heavy Engineering CAE Capabilities
    Finite Element Modelling – Shell Modelling, Solid Modelling (Hex & Penta , Tetra), Hybrid Modelling
    Validation of large structures as per standard code calculations
    Analysis of large structures for Wind , Snow and Seismic loading conditions
    Large Fluid Structural Analysis
    Composite optimization
    CFD, Thermal and Flow simulation
    Static, Dynamic, Non-Linear, Buckling, Transient, Modal, Vibration, Kinematics and Multi-body dynamic simulations

        Hyper Mesh
        LS Dyna
      Post Processors